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Posted by Bethany R
Prayers For My Mom
Please pray for my mom. She is so weak that she can't get off the couch. We have a clue of what's wrong and that it is very serious. She has a doctor's appointment on Friday and I pray we can make it there. I'm scared and feel bad for her because she's always been very independent. I pray things work out. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless.
Posted by Finding Pearls
Deliverance Healing Rest
Please pray that God fully delivers, heals, protects, and favors me and gives me His perfect peace and rest.
Posted by Kathy A
Unspoken Request
God, You know my concerns. Please help me. Thank You.
Posted by Finding Pearls
Disabled Pastor Needs Prayer
Please pray that God is ever present and actively helps a long term God serving pastor who is presently experiencing many life obstacles (Psalm 94:14). In Jesus Name
Posted by Jeff Louis
Heart trouble and cancer
Please pray for heart trouble and cancer to go in Jesus name. James 5:15
Posted by Maria Miller
Holy Revelations19:16 KMM&F&F&HBE
Holy Psalm24 Unspoken requests answered for Kathryn Miller Holy Jesusname Holy Amen
Holy Psalm24KAthrynMIller &F&F&HBE
Holy Psalm91 Holy Psalm24HolyREvelations19:16KAthrynMiller needs a ***___ a Unspoken request God's loving will and ideas in HolyJesusname HolYAmen
Posted by Lissy D
Badly need to find work and another place to live. My daughter betrayed me by lying to me and saying she would pay money back that I needed to live on. She's left me with just about nothing in the way to buy groceries.
Posted by G S
Please let my knee/ankle heal properly...let the swelling go down and the stiffness. Praying that my creditors will be understanding when I contact them due to some bills that I've not been able to pay since falling...cannot work. Many prayers needed. Thank you all...God Bless You!
Posted by Wendy C
Pray that he would receive his new job
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