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Posted by Ted
Son Tyler
Please say some special prayers for my son Tyler today, he is starting a new job, is between paychecks from one job to the next and needs to be able to pay his bills and have living money. Please pray for his salvation that he learn to lean on the Lord in his life along with all my children and grandchildren. thanks, grateful dad, ted.
Posted by .
Please hear my prayer Lord and provide me with additional referrals and hours for work. Please soften my bosses hearts towards me and have them provide me with additional work. Please have my bosses be pleased with the work I complete and not be unhappy with me about anything. I have anxiety and worry about this a lot. I missed meeting with a client yesterday after having an allergic reaction and haven't heard back from the client. Please have them contact me to reschedule.
Posted by Ted
Financial Needs
Please pray the Lord provides discernment in our financial matters of our family. Please pray He provides for all the needs we have. thanks, ted. Update: I had you all praying about reimbursements from work for me this week...they came through, PTL and thank you for your prayers! ted
Posted by G S
Praying for my son...for his healing and to find a good job in a good, safe location. For feel better. For the rains to stop, or to at least not be heavy. We've had enough rain and don't need the water damaging our home any more. To keep my family safe and protect in all areas. Thank you and God Bless.
Posted by Garrett Leffers
Pray that God would help me establish my identity in Jesus Christ and to really come to know him. Pray for God's mercy and for the Lord to grant me peace and joy back! I need breakthrough! Pray for God's protection according to his word in Psalm 91 and that he'd grant me grace and especially to contend for breakthrough. I really need the Lord more than ever and need his peace and joy and presence in my life! I need a Godly sorrow that leads to a repentance without regret!
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