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Abigail Kopf - Kalamazoo
Please pray for this girl. She's one of the survivors of the mass shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that happened months ago. She's had a setback and all prayers are greatly appreciated. This city loves her and needs all the support for her that we can get. Thank you!
Posted by J.T.
God's favor for each person on this chain today. Amen.
Posted by PRAISE GOD!
Husband has cause harm pain almost
Killed me. Father you know that its time for complete divorce. You have directed my steps for 25 years. I have fought the good fight of Love not hate and harmI have lost a beutiful dog and almost lost my life so many times trying to save this marriage as you have held me here. Please do whatever needs to be done to finalize the death of this union that has harmed so many but most of all you God for he hated You himself and me sad but True amen in Jesus amen ◄ Malachi 2:16 ►
Posted by PRAISE GOD!
◄ Proverbs 12:19 ►
Thank you father Son and Holy Spirit amen
Posted by PRAISE GOD!
Help me to understand this ~ to see it as you do amen in Jesus amen ◄ Psalm 16:4 ►
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Work Request
Please hear my prayer Lord and provide me with additional referrals and hours for work. Please soften my bosses hearts towards me and have them provide me with additional work. Please have my bosses be pleased with the work I complete and not be unhappy with me about anything. I have anxiety and worry about this a lot. I've had a lot happening within my family and all the stress has been causing me to be sick to my stomach and lose my appetite. I don't want to have to worry about work too.
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