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Posted by Amber B.
For everyone...
Father You have heard EVERY thought of ours. Let Your glory show up in ALL our lives through acts of MIRACLES by Your Hand, God. Let this world be amazed once again by Your Powers & Grace & use all of us here as Your tools! Let even each of us be amazed, Father, by the works in our lives that I know You will do. In Christ's name & in Your will, so be it done. Amen!
Posted by Amber B.
Still need prayers from u all.
UPDATE: **Just found out husband is living 2 states away with an ex-girlfriend. I know that it is not Godís will for him to be there.** Pray for my husband, our marriage being fully restored. Pray 4 our 2 small kids. Husband abandoned us 08/2015 & blocked contact.We constantly fought over him partying, hanging out with swingers, always flirting behind my back,etc. I petitioned God what 2 do, He said "Stand in the gap & I will make a miracle out of him & your marriage!" This is a hard trial.
Posted by J.T.
God's Blessings
For each on this chain today. Let's pray.
Posted by G S
Praying that we have a successful repair of our water system here at home today, that the storms and rains aren't strong or heavy, for my relatives and friends that are battling health issues and some in the hospital...for complete healing, for our son's job search and for our country and world...that we find peace. Thank you and God Bless.
Pray fiance buys me engagement ring
Pray my fiance will buy me an engagemenet ring. He has the money to spend on me even less than a thousand. I am not hard to please. He gave me his Moms ring but it is thin and I worry it may break and it is a wedding band, but try to tell him that. He has never been married. He bought his former fiance who is the mother of his son an engagement ring. Pray he wont be so cheap with me. Amen
Pray Mom has best birthday
Pray my daughter and son-in-law and grandkids and some of my other relatives visit Mom for her birthday on July 15. Pray it goes so well and my lovely mom has the best birthday ever and many more. She is turning 83. Pray my son-in-law sees a lovely presence in our home and he feels like our family more than he does with my daughters as we treated them very well and now they are moving back home for good. Pray we will be close in miles and in the heart all of us. Amen
Ask God to fill the area around me and in me with His Spirit and power.
Posted by Mjmaks
Please God let a miracle happen
Please help me pray that our house appraisal ends up appraising out for 149 Lord. Anything below that and we won't be able to buy a new home. Please sweet Jesus and St. Joseph help us please!
Posted by Pamela D.
Prayer that things change and my grandson dad stay in the same state to help raise him with my daughter
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord please let zoey be ok don't let her have no serious kidney issues I beg you
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