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Posted by *Robin *
Facing longstanding trials
Please pray for those in a dark time of their life-- Lord please put a hedge around them and keep them from going toward evil and keep evil from their path. God draw them to hopeful truths and thoughts. Lord please empower to search and find something in life to be thankful for, focused on what is worthy, and hopeful--reject negative and destructive thoughts. Also able to find purpose and expedient use of time- deliver them from evil all glory to the Lord
Posted by Di Unknown
Pray fiance misses me
Help me to get through the weekend without my fiancÚ. Pray he will have a great time, and he will miss me too. Pray my Mom and I will catch up on a lot of time we miss, since I have been with my fiancÚ. Amen
Posted by Un Known
Prayers for fiance and brother
Pray brother and fiancÚ are safe and haave good time this weekend and the storm they are calling for wont happen. Amen
Posted by Un Known
URGENT:Prayers 4 money now
URGENT Prayers for money to come to me now. I am so worried about my finances. I am broke and have an extra bill. Pray I receive money to help me. I need Prayer Warriors and Dear God to help me. Amen
Posted by Finding Pearls
Holy Spirit, Sweet Sleep, Protectio
Please pray that God fills me with His Holy Spirit and blesses me with sweet sleep, protection, deliverance and peace. In Jesus Name
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