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Prayer to stop abuse
St Adelaide st fabiola st germaine cousin , please pray for us victims of abuse in the past and that may still be happening now, please pray to prevent us from being abused and mistreated in the future thanks so much (rebecca, val and family )
Posted by Jacquie
Please Pray!
Please pray I find work soon..In Jesus name I pray-Amen
Posted by God is Love
Thank you for Protecting
Our Families thus far. Please Save them before it is too late amen in Jesus amen
Posted by God is Love
Father you are so Kind
You are full of Mercy and Grace. Thank you for Giving us A Precious Fount of Salvation by your Blood. You are Love God. Please Calm B's fears. Help Him to Truly Understand that If He would be More Willing to Love you Better then his fears would be relieved. Thank you Father because I know that you hear me even before I ask amen in Jesus amen
Posted by Clevi
Paul's widowed Dad has fellowship
Tx for prayers,receiving miracles,ie,18new signees for chess club!Pls agree w/me in Jesus'Name&Blood our LordofHosts mercifully gives Paul&I(&our families,friends,church,students, coworkers,neighbors,theprayerchain,war/epidemic/disaster/ poverty victims)quick Ps.91miracles,ie,victims'saved& restored;global revival;Paul's Dad(cancer needs 100%healing)feels lonely,so needs outreach from church&senior ctr. for fellowship;I get good job;chessclub fellowship successful,ie, 18new members come,Amen.
Posted by J L
My sister
Please pray there is no cancer cells found in the biopsy. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by Amelia's Mommy
Please pray for my daughters surgery to go well and for it to be successful with no complications and minimal pain
Posted by Ted Tomko
Restoration of Marriage
Please pray for my wife Sara and me that the Lord reignite the spark of love that we once shared. Please pray the Lord bless us in all facets of our marriage that we would love, honor, respect, cherish and support one another and never grow apart like this again. thanks, ted. Please say a special prayer for Sara's Bday today.
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