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Posted by G S
My two prayers...that my son hear back with some positive results on his job search...and that the rains/storms stay light...we really need both! I am very worried about my son and his mental state on his job search. Please help me pray to keep him mentally strong. Thank you so very much and God Bless you and yours!
Posted by Wg G
Protection, favor,safe travel
Father, thank you for everything Praising you we humbly ask that you grant us safety in travel, asking Lord that we don't waste any part of our life or what You have given -grant us success to the work of our hands Ps90:17, enable us to make the most of time, resources, guard words, also have opportunities to touch lives, we plead blood of Jesus over family, allliving thing in home education,health,vehicles,job,home favor protection In Jesus Name AMEN Ps121,Is54:17, 1Jn4:4,2Thess 3:2-3, Rev1:5
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord today I just want to praise you
Posted by PRAISE GOD!
Husband and family
And my family to get Salvation from God. They think they can earn it. How could anyone believe that? Only Jesus can Save any of us. We ask in with a humble Heart and Jesus Saves whosoever amen
Posted by PRAISE GOD!
Someone sent me a nice note
They encouraged me. If only the lonely would get together then we wouldn't be lonely no more. I know that God is always with us but it sure is noce to have Christian human companions in Jesus Holy Wonderful Name amen
Posted by Judy Stahl
Judy stahl
Please prayer warriors join me in in prayer. for people to come through the door. I need a break through we been in business November will be 2 years. I don't know how long it takes to get established but I know GOD lead us to this place. my husband and I prayed about it for over a year and one day it just happened so quickly we knew it was an answer from GOD. we are in business so we can help people and 2 spread GODS word. please GOD if its your will we ask these things in JESUS name amen
Posted by Donna S
Pray that Josh will breakup with his girlfriend and come back home to his family so his baby has a dad. They miss him so much.
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