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Posted by Pray for Me
URGENT: Cant handle fam. stress
Prayer Warriors both my Mom & I need your help to take away this family stress from us. Pray the real trouble maker my sister-in-law will be the 1 to deal with the stress of this garbage she started. It started cause my Dad didn't invite them to lunch and I did so my brothers wife gave flack to me. Pray she will be the one my brother will be mad at and not with me & my Mom. Pray the other family wont take sides, while she is acting juvenile. Pray every1 will see it isent our faults its her. Amen
Posted by Pray for Me
URGENT:Pray Nef wife feeling bad
Pray Nephews wife is feeling bad for taking me off her fb page. Pray no one else will listen to this drunken fool who is causing so much trouble for me and my Mom. Pray this garbage will end now. Amen
Posted by J Brower
Pray God Moves on my behalf
Desperately and boldly praying for God's favor and blessings to come over me for my unspoken request. Thank you and bless you for your prayers of agreement. Please pray my son is released from jail next week and charges dismissed. Please pray I am able to close on my home Monday and I can pay my debts.
Posted by Pray for Me
Pray L. will c how mean Cheryl is
Pray my brothers wife cant make trouble anymore. She just got my Nephews wife who I thought loved me unfriend me in fb. I am so lost with all this gargage I don't like family crap. I wish my brother never married this cousin. Pray my Nephews wife will get into it with this sister-in-law and she will see how mean this sister-in-law is. Amen
Posted by Pray for Me
URGENT:Pray bro come 2 c Mom 4 bday
Pray my brother doesn't put my Mom & I on the spot because of his drunken wife who misunderstood everything. Pray my brother will admit his wife is mean to me and my Mom and open his eyes with her behavior. Pray he will make her go to AA. Pray he will still come to see my Mom for her birthday and we will all have an awesome visit. Amen
Posted by Jaclynn S
Need Urgent Prayers Please
Please pray that my daughter will have enough money to buy the house that they are living in. Their contract is up now and they need to sigh the papers on it. and the Sellers are just being slow about getting them back to them and my grand daughter starts back to school in 4 weeks. My daughter would really like to be all in the house before school starts for her she is 7 years old. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless
Posted by Angela S
Legal problems
Lord, I come to you as your humble and obedient servant asking for Your divine help, protection, and deliverance for my daughter from the legal problems She is facing. Please lift her up, Lord, and remove this burden from her. Help her to be made whole and be vindicated of this situation. Please send your angels to watch over her and protect her, Grant her favor so that she may live a life that will serve You, glorify You, and do Your will. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
Posted by Angela S
Pray for relationship
Please pray for Shayna & Blue that their relationship is a loving and respectful one, I know it was your Devine plan Lord to bring him into our lives and we accept him and look forward to many years with him in our family. Pray that Shaynas heart opens and she lets Blue in, he understands the fear she is facing and wants to be there for her. In Jesus name amen.
Posted by Angela S
Unborn child
God, author of all life we pray, bless this unborn child; give constant protection and grant a healthy birth that is the sign of our rebirth one day into the eternal rejoicing of heaven. Pray for Shayna & Blues unborn child that this baby be born healthy and bring much joy to the two of them. Pray that Shayna stops bleeding to avoid miscarriage and bring forth a healthy baby who will become a true child of God. I thank you Father for protection this unborn child.In Jesus name Amen.
Posted by Jeff Louis
Healing heart failure, cancer, etc
Please pray for heart failure and cancer to go and that my heart and body to be strong, in Jesus name.
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