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God Knows that many said yes
To Jesus in their minds only but not their Hearts so now God will Shake up the church for they cares only about what they would have and what they would get but they never thought about what God wanted = Justice for the Poor in Spirit amen
Posted by Ted
Praise Report Truck
PTL, my truck was able to be fixed for a minimal labor charge with the battery and alternator being under warranty. Please pray there are no more electrical issues or mechanical problems with it for extended mileage and time. thanks, ted.
Posted by Blossom C
School & work
Please pray Lord give help needed knowledge as son works hard in school. Please pray for favor with teachers, admin. and fellow students. Please pray for daughter to have the Lords favor and do well on her job - get the hours she needs. Her strong confidence (from Christ)professional appearance be very evident to- Managers, customers, and coworkers see that she is kind as well as proficient a very hard worker.
Posted by Alison Galloway
My son suffers mental health. He suffers paranoid schizophrenia and have forgotten how to to look to God for help. He hears voices telling him how useless he is. How everyone would be better off without him. Can people please pray that he have to strength to fight the voices and find his way back to God. Thank you
Posted by G S
Elderly lung/heart& Caregiver
Please pray for Lords healing power to cover elderly lady with COPD and recent heart pain. Please pray relationship with Lord intervene she have peace that passes understanding. Please pray her caregiver- her son- given insight and strength to keep supporting her.
Posted by Mary Harris
Energy and strength
Please pray are able to have productive days. Please pray God give energy and strength - please pray that we accomplish all possible. We can set a standard and keep to it each day until it is engrained and an automatic way of life- God empower and give wisdom in unexpected and emergency situations
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord my prayer is the same for natalie Lord please let her have no jail time please
Posted by Jul B
Please pray for Ella she has been in hospital and awaiting results from a large lump. Please pray it it not cancerous and she will be completely healed. Thankyou Jesus.
Posted by Garrett Cole
Pastor Praying For Prayer Group
Dear Lord I pray that you hear our prayers. Rebuke Satan's kingdom and send them back to the pit! Provide for us, heal us, Guide and Fill Us with Your Holy Spirit, Lord! Deliver us from evil, Lord. I plead the Blood of Jesus upon us Dear God. And by the Stripes Of Jesus We are Healed, Saved & Delivered. Praise God!
Posted by Finding Pearls
Need Provisions Please Pray
Please pray that God provides for my family and I as equipment failure and health has greatly reduced my provisions. Thanking God for all He has done. In Jesus' Name
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