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Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord I ask you please I beg you Lord don't let natalie go to jail please let her have to pay back but no,jail
Posted by Judy Stahl
Judy stahl
Prayer warriors join me I stand in need of prayer. yesterday the rest. didn't even bring in enough money to pay the staff let alone the food. I need GODS help Now, I have faith in GOD & satan is tring 2 come between us help us pray because we believe (where 2 or more gather there I am also.) we cling 2 GODS promise that's how we get through each day.we have a street fair going on this weekend &we were asked2have the rest. opened as well GOD let us attract more people 2rest. in Jesus name amen!
Posted by Mary Conway
Jim (Husband)
Please pray for my Husband, Jim to be healed from bladder cancer. The doctors want to do a bone scan, MRI, review his biopsies from his bladder and colon. They are concerned about his liver enzymes also. Please Pray that God will heal this cancer and there will be no spread or sign of cancer. We have already prayed for his healing but are waiting for the manifestation of his healing. The doctor wants to do the surgery within 10 days. Please Pray for his healing. Thank You and God Bless. Mary
Posted by Mary Conway
Housing for Jim & Mary
Please pray that we will get the townhouse to rent on Morse Avenue that we applied for on Monday, September 21rst. We need to move in right away like today. Pray that we will hear from the leasing company tomorrow and that all will go well without any complications or delays. Please pray that we will have God's Favor in our lives. Thank You for your Prayers and God Bless You. Mary
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