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Posted by Clevi
Safe from CofS&members get saved!
Tx for prayers,receiving miracles,ie,Bless an Orphan won!Pls agree w/me inJesusName&Blood our LordofHosts thruMercy& Grace gives Paul&I(&families,friends,church,students,neighbors; war/disaster/disease/poverty victims&rescuers)quick Ps.91 miracles,ie,witness to ChurchofScientology(JJ,Gilliam,etc)that moved to my city permanently helped by mightiest warrior Hosts&they're saved,always blocked from doing harm to Paul&I &loved ones/city&they relocate;Paul,my coworkers&I are punctual&get quotaAmen.
Posted by Jeff Louis
Healing heart failure, cancer, etc
Please pray for heart failure, muscle weakness, bone disease, lower back pain, and cancer to go and that my heart, body, and back to be strong, and free of pain again, in Jesus name. I am having trouble breathing, and sometimes can't sleep good, and now my back is going out, because of old back injury in the L5 and S1, and can't hardly walk. Pray I will live and not die, and I will be blessed upon the earth. Psalms 41, James 5:15, mathew 8:8, Psalm 118:17
Posted by S S
Please Help me Jesus
My ex keeps harassing me Jesus. I am so scared. I pray that he makes peaces with the end of our relationship. I pray that he doesn't come back into my life in any way. I pray to you Jesus, that you may protect my family and me. Please Jesus. My wedding may just be finalized. This problem can ruin my whole life. Jesus. I believe in your miracles - you've shown them to me. Please Jesus. Grant me a miracle yet again in this. Help me Jesus please. I am sorry Jesus. Please I need your help.
Posted by Noelene Rout
NEEDED Daily Prayer to the LORD God Almighty, in & through the name of The Word of God, The anointed, Messiah, the KING of KINGS, LORD of LORDS, The Great High Priest, That Great Shepherd of the sheep, The only begotten Son, of the LORD God Almighty, for healing, strength, rest, peace, peaceful wakings, safe & sound sleep, protection, & deliverance, from the adversary, & everyone of his demon's, & all of their devices, for myself, a 70 year old widow Isa 1:17 At all times!Please & Thank you.
Peace at work
Aijaylon Green Moore is being a Jerk to me and my coworkers. This man has envy towards me and try to steel my friends from me including my friend scott he would push me away and even look down on me. I am tired of him and his attitude towards me. Lord bow down your ear towards me and hear my cry I want this man out of this work place so I can be able to work in peace. I want him to quit or get fired so he can leave me alone.
Posted by Thomas Pang
Lost my beagle that I was sitting
The worst way to lose a dog, is to have someone trust you to take car of it. Please Lords, lead me to Talloolah, and allow me to find her. Keep her safe and comfortable in the meantime.
Posted by Patty Kennedy
I need prayer for my back, I messed it up not sure how, but when I bend over & raise back up, my legs feel heavy, places on my back are numb & I have panic attacks, & at night when trying to sleep I lose my breathing. could you please say a prayer for me. thank you & God Bless
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