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Posted by Blossom C
Lord, I pray that children will not fall prey to believing lies. May they have Your spirit of Truth in them as a barometer so that what is false is glaringly obvious. I also pray that children not be tempted to speak lies for personal gain. Drawn to Your Spirit and repulsed by what repulses You strong when tempted not drawn in when other people around them do this. May Your Spirit of Truth in them be an ever-present reminder of what is true and right In Jesus Name Amen
Posted by Anonymous J
Please pray for unspoken request God's will be done
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord please I ask you for help.Lord please let leanne find a house to move to please.Lord also please let zoey kidneys be ok nothing serious please
Georges blood
Please pray that Georges platelet count is normal and that all his other blood tests show a normal result showing that his medication is not damaging his internal organs as his last medication did. Pleas also pray for his psoriasis to be healed.
Posted by K S
Please pray for Terry, she has an MRI tomorrow. Please pray that she has no anxiety about the procedure and that the results are encouraging. Please pray for healing in what seems like an impossible situation. Thank you very much.
Posted by K S
Please pray for Anna, she is almost 2 and tonight she fell and suffered a laceration on her face. Please pray that it heals quickly and easily, that the pain is relieved, that there is no infection, and that there is no scar. Thank you all so much for your prayers. It means so much to us.
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