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Posted by Brenda Mcneill
Me again I know I have been asking for your prayers many times it will be a month on Wednesday since my daughter left. This is truly killing me I miss her so much I love her so much. I have lost 17 lbs since she left I don't know how much more I can take this is eating me up inside. Please I beg all you prayer warriors to help me pray her home the sooner the better. As you know the more people praying together the greater the outcome.please pray for us
Posted by J.T.
God's Blessings Today
For each person on this chain!!
Posted by DEBRA A.
PRAYING for daughter, Tina
Please pray that Tina pass her test today. Bless that she have a clear mind and that the answers to the question come to her. May the Holy Spirit help calm her nerves and reveal the answers to the questions on the test in Jesus's name
Posted by JCL M
Helping those in need
Lord bless faithbasedorg helping community--also favor in interacting with UW 4fundraising pls pray- Lord keep strengthening, giving peace, &enabling elderly shut ins (PK,BA,all) close to Lord needs physically, emotionally, every need be met. Please Lord let lost see Your Hand Your Love Also, for success, progress,&strength in helping those in community who are homeless, shut ins, suicidal, in desperate need of salvation, volunteers& workers unity, insight, discernment, and vision in Jesus Name
Posted by -Sam -
Job-favor discernment and strength
Please pray for strength, discernment and favor on the job-- and for protection working in weather conditions and storms
Posted by Judy Stahl
Judy stahl
Please prayer warriors pray for me today I woke up late and everything seems to be going wrong. I'm getting really stressed I need to feel GODS presence. please GOD send people to the restaurant. please help me stay calm as so many things are going wrong as of now its not a good day I just got up and discovered a lot of things going bad. thank you prayer warriors GOD bless you all
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray for DC and family. Please pray for CC. Please pray for MR and family. Please pray that I get called more from MR and the job goes well. Amen
Posted by Mary Conway
Jim (Husband)
Please pray for healing for my Husband, Jim. He is having some dry heaving and stomach issues. He is having trouble eating. He says he has a metallic taste in his mouth and also when he breathes it also smells metallic. Please pray that God will heal him and restore his health. He is losing too much weight. Thank You for your prayers and God Bless You. Mary
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