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Greg Miller
Please pray for my close friend of 5yrs, He has lung cancer may have went to his liver Please Lord heal him remove all the cancer from his body Please everyone pray in Jesus name
Posted by J C
Please pray for Luke
Please pray that Luke sees the error of his ways and becomes a good father to Greg. amen
Posted by J C
{lease pray for Greg
Please pray for Greg that he finds peace and happiness and that he knows how much I love him. Please make his lip be fine and that he passes his next exam. Please pray that he is watched over. amen
Posted by J C
Please pray for Brody
Please pray for Brody and let him know I love him. Please keep him safe and strong. Please pray for his mother Jennifer that she becomes a good mother to both Brody and Alex.
Posted by Noelene Rout
I would like, & "NEED" "Daily Prayer" to the LORD God Almighty, through his only begotten Son, for healing, strength, peace, safe & sound sleep, protection, & deliverance from the adversary & everyone of his demon's, & all of their devices, for myself, a widow Isa 1:17 my family & their families at all times. Please, & Thank you.
Posted by Brennie L
Prayers for 2 week old baby Bradley
Please pray for baby bradley. He was born 2 weeks ago with CDH * congenital herniated diaphram* and has taken a turn for the worse. He may have to be put on a ecmo machine. Please please keep him in your prayers.God bless you!
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