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Posted by EMMY P
Please pray for college efforts that Lord enable me to do well and bring glory to His Name and gain and retain knowledge have favor with Professor and other students
Posted by Anonymous J
Son and daughter
Please pray for son that the Lord put hedge of thorns around thought processes. Please pray he will grow in prayer and scripture understanding. Both children need the Lord to enable them to take hold of their thought processes and direct them toward constructive and productive paths. This is God's will confident that He will bring transformation Ephesian 4:23, 8:5-6, Rom12:2, Lord please bring Your truth alive working to bring transformed life forever in teens in Jesus Name AMEN
Posted by Dorothy A
Prayer for Mother and Baby
Please pray for my sister's step-daughter who is having a c-section today. Please pray that she will suffer no adverse complications and that both mother and newborn will enjoy good health and thriving conditions.
Posted by Dorothy A
Prayer for Mother
Please pray for my elderly mother. We have been told she in dying, and she is presently receiving only comfort/pain control measures from the hospital. I am not ready to part from her, so please pray for my mother, for me, and for my siblings who are also in grief and distress. Please pray for all of us, especially for my mother's comfort. Also pray to give strength to her family. Thanks.
Posted by Dianne Unknown
Pray Dianne gets help w/bankrupsy
I am back into a mess with my credit cards and Pray I will get help for it. When I got the sm. settlement I paid everything off and by the time I helped my loved ones because I wanted to, my money was almost gone, but I spent on online shopping. At least buying some furniture helped but I have OCD and need help to pay off my creditors. Pray the bankrupsy agency will help me. I feel like I am drowning and need help to swim to shore. Amen
Posted by Dianne Unknown
URGENT:Pray I go bankrupt
In Jesus Name Pray I go bankrupt and Wendy from the Bankrupsy Agency will help me. Pray seeing as I had a slip and fall over a yr. ago and got a sm. settlement and because it was tax free money they will still allow me to go bankrupt. Pray everything will fall into place and my guilt and fears of her handling everything will subside. Pray I wont feel so bad about myself and I wont wake up feeling suicidel. Amen
Posted by Jason M
Home and finances
Please pray for discernment in direction in handling financial matters also for our roof to be replaced & family tasks get accomplished, home repairs and upkeep -everyone pitch in and get everything that needs done finished live in excellence for Lords Glory
Posted by Judy Stahl
Charlie brown
Please pray for Charlie he is having trouble he is coughing all the time the doctors said it could be his heart or lungs or maybe both or something else he has lost 10 pounds in a week I pray that they can find out what is wrong because he said if this continues he wont be around much longer.he coughs and coughs all the time. I pray that GOD will heal the coughing and the doctors will find out whats wrong if its GODS will in Jesus Name amen he is planning to go to goergia pray he get ok to go
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