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Posted by J L
Bob & Faye
Please continue praying for them. Bob has improved a bit, but still needs our prayers. Please pray for a complete recovery, & for Faye's strength to continue. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by JCL M
Battling addiction
Please pray for J who is battling off addiction while going thru a cancer scare--infusion of Agape Love, Perfect love cast out fear in Jesus Name may scripture in Eph4:23, Rom12:2 and 1John4:4-- she find acceptance and comfort also AB who is relapsed and has serious mental health issues- God grant him salvation from his self destructive behaviors.
Posted by Mary Harris
Please pray for a very productive day. Please pray God give energy and strength - please pray that we accomplish all possible. We can set a standard and keep to it each day until it is engrained and an automatic way of life- God empower and give wisdom in unexpected and emergency situations
Posted by Blossom C
First day on first job
Please pray for my daughters first day of work that she have the Lords favor and strength. Please pray she be sharp of mind and catch on to the work well. Please pray that they have understanding with her and that there be no misunderstandings thank you!
Posted by David S
Dear God, Please let us get an apartment now, today, ASAP. I am really panicking. Amen
Posted by Donna S
Pray that Mercedes can get Don out of her life he destroyed her and her baby's life and future. Pray she wakes up to see what a bad person he is before it is to late.
Posted by Donna S
Mercedes and Josh
Pray that they can forget the past and get back together for the baby.
Posted by DeBorah
Please pray for God to work everything out for my daughter Brooke to go to college in a month. She was approved by Financial Aid months ago then we just got a revised letter saying she was denied finanacial aid help and the College she was accpeted in wont give us much options and she suppose to start college as a freshmen in one month. Please pray God work everything out that she will be able to go to college, something she worked so hard to get to.
Posted by Craig Dale
Craig Dale
Please pray that the tablet works very well without any side effect and I work very well and tiredness leaves me and have heaps of energy during the day and have calmness, encouragement, confidence and sleep very well and go to sleep when I wake up and anxiety and depression completely go away now. thank you
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