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Posted by Linda K
For us
We seem to be grieving these past few weeks without knowing the why. Our emotions are ten feet in front of us all the time. Yet, we are not aware of anything saddly happening in our present daily life. Please pray for Peace that passes all understanding to grace us. Or, that whatever is to come , we will be strengthened to endure. Thank you
Posted by Karen D
Healing for muscles
Please pray that I am healed of whatever is attacking my body. I need urgent prayer for my muscles. Please pray this is not ALS and doctors can treat me. God have mercy on me and forgive my sins. Amen
Posted by Jul B
Please pray for healing for Riley as she has a very high temperature. Thankyou Jesus.
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray that I get a job. Please pray my sons father become good and kind towards him. Please pray for my brothers Heath. Please pray for MF and give her strength. Amen
Posted by Debbie Slane
Health Crisis
Pls pray for direction and healing for this malignant brain tumor I was just diagnosed with.
Posted by Clevi
Emergency help for my sis Patricia!
Thx for prayers,receiving miracles,ie,dream.Pls agree w/me in Jesus'Name&Blood thru mercies our Lord of Hosts gives Paul&I(&our families,friends,church,students,neighbors;war/epidemic/ disaster/poverty victims)quick Ps.91 miracles,ie,dream of my sister Patricia changed to good for God's glory by now&always covering her w/Jesus'Blood,HolySpirit&Archangels so she's saved&guided on safe path permanently joined w/her true helpmate for married ministry joy w/healthy longevity(ditto for Paul&I),Amen.
Posted by Jul B
Please pray for healing for Riley that her temperature will come down and her strep throat will be healed. Thankyou Jesus
Posted by Troy Hardwick
Dad Heart Attack
My father, Ted, is having a heart attack. Please pray that he makes it through, and that he will be okay.
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