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Posted by KAREN P
Let us not separate and get married
Let us sort out our troubles let him realise how his flirting hurts me let me learn to trust him build a hedge of thorns between Paresh n other women/distractions and let us settle down as we had planned, hes on vacation pls let him not succumb to any temptation let me get rid of this fear I have that he will cheat n remove any & every obstacle that is preventing us from being together Also I have a lot of debts let me earn incentive reach green line n pay my son's fees and clear debts of 3lac
Posted by Krista P
Job Protection
I am humbly asking for continued prayers that the situation I'm involved with at work resolves without incident and that I'm able to return to work asap. God bless all of you who pray for me...
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord I ask for continued prayer for natalie please Lord everything is so crazy please
Posted by Linda K
Sharon feet pain
Please ask that the pain in Sharon s feet and her hip are healed so the up coming trip to Arizona will see her pain free to enjoy the time with her sister. Thank You.
Posted by Melania Ruggeri
Pray the Lord to help me and Bruno to overcome the difficulties we are living in our relationship. In Jesus' n Name.
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