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Posted by Jenni D
For Our Children~
Lord Guide them through this world and remove any stresses and uncertainty that they have~ With , You at the helm of the world! Amen
Posted by J L
My friend
Please pray for her to be free from anxiety & to be able to do what she has to do to get ready to move & to have the strength to do this. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by Jenni D
For Family~
Continued Faith Lord Jesus~ Keep us grounded and prayerful! Let me lay my worries and concerns at the cross and know that you our Almighty Father who is always there for us and will help us!
Posted by EMMY P
Please pray for college efforts and for my writing that Lord enable me to do well and bring glory to His Name and gain and retain knowledge have favor with Professor and other students
Posted by Karen D
Healing for Karen
Please pray that my body will be healed and muscles and brain health restored. Pray that I will get out of bed and go to work on my own two feet for many years to come. Please pray for me for God to have mercy and provide a healing and direct my path to work in his name and word in the future. Love to all. In Jesus name amen
Posted by Wg G
Protection, favor, safe travel
Father, thank you for everything Praising you we humbly ask that you grant us safety in travel, asking Lord that we don't waste any part of our life or what You have given -grant us success to the work of our hands Ps90:17, enable us to make the most of time, resources, guard words, also have opportunities to touch lives, we plead blood of Jesus over family, allliving thing in home education,health,vehicles,job,home favor protection In Jesus Name AMEN Ps121,Is54:17, 1Jn4:4,2Thess 3:2-3, Rev1:5
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray for my brother John and that his health improves. Amen
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray I find a job soon. Please pray Greg passes his test. Please pray that his father becomes decent and kind towards him. Please pray for MaryAnn. Please pray I see Brody again. Amen
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