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Posted by God is Kind
For my dear husband
Father thank you for growing him up in you. please help him to walk the straight and narrow path of your love amen in Jesus who saves heals and delivers from all evil by his holy blood amen
Posted by Patty Howard
Dad see how mean wife is in Hawaii
Pray Dad finally have enough of his evil wife & call it quits before she destroys his life. Dad is 83, & she is greedy. Pray he has enough of her meaness to his kids & our Mom. Every1 including my Mom has been overly nice to this ungrateful woman. Pray she cant spend our Inheritance anymore either. She isent spending her daus Inheritance just mine & my brothers. She never mailed the money dad was helping me with she just sent a nasty note & dragged my Mom into it. Pray she cant control Dad. Amen
Posted by God is Kind
Only JESUS Saves
Halleluia! thank you Father God for your Precious Holy Blood that Saves even a wretch like me amen
Posted by Linda K
For strong unshaken faith
Another script has surfaced by men seeking to diminish Your Deity In Christ Jesus, Father Almighty; with words claiming marriage to a forgiven prostitute and explicate sex and having children. Heavenly Father, I lift up myself and all who believe with me in Your Holyiness. May Your Truth will out this attempt by Satan to diminish Your Church with his lies. I can Not accept that You would have Jesus Ina carnal relationship that would conflict with the Covenant that needed to be fulfilled. Amen
Posted by Ted Tomko
Financial Needs
Please pray that a special unspoken financial request I have today is granted and for traveling mercies and associated expenses to visit my son for Thanksgiving if he is by himself that day. thanks, grateful dad, ted.
Posted by God is Kind
Please Save b again from the
Cowardice of his heart. Make Him a Bold Warrior Witness for you father God in Jesus Holy Name We pray amen
Posted by Dan Mac
Thank You Lord!
Thank you Lord for guiding me. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding! Amen!
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