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Ask God to fill me full of His Spirit and power. Ask Him to protect me from the enemy and their attacks
Posted by Finding Pearls
Difficulties Please Pray
Please pray that God is Ever Present, Guiding, Protecting & Helping in these difficult times. Thank-you
Posted by Joyce Raintree
I'm in an abusive triangular relationship. I can't leave at present due to financial problems and am financially dependent on a man. He is cruel and uses other women to bully me. I have tried repeatedly to flee and move on from this only to end up where I started. I don't even understand it. Rase pray for a financial blessing for me so I can leave and stay gone. Thank you.
Posted by .
Please hear my prayer Lord and provide me with additional referrals and hours for work. Please soften my bosses hearts towards me and have them provide me with additional work. Please have my bosses be pleased with the work I complete and not be unhappy with me about anything. I have anxiety and worry about this a lot. I've had a lot happening within my family and all the stress has been causing me to be sick to my stomach and lose my appetite. I don't want to have to worry about work too.
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