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Thank you Father for Sharon
Who decided to take a journey of faith instead of turning her back on injustice. Please Bless her and Her dear Family and any who would do RIGHT IN YOU with More of YOU GOD amen
Emergency prayers for our
Family members that think their goodness will get them to heaven. We who Love God Know it is first and foremost by Gods Own Precious Blood. He bought Righteousness for all who accept HIM Father Son and Holy Spirit amen
To be able to show Mercy even to
The most wicked of men. may God Grant Us All to do this in Jesus Holy and Wonderful Name and this By the Power of Your Wonderful and Holy Spirit Lord God amen PS ~ Pray that our hateful neighbors are not poisoning our beautiful dogs. Please pray for The animals we love them so and so does God most of all. Yes we Love our enemies and pray that God saves their souls from hell amen
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord thank you for today...Thank you for natalie feeling better. Lord please no cancer for natalie
Posted by C P
Tony's friendship
I want this not to die. I want to be able to handle it and not to live in all too frequent despair about it or else to go deeper spiritually, to be more forgiving, understanding and trusting of God. Is it what God wants from me? I would tell others it is - but how to do this myself?
Posted by C P
Good health
May my ear infection be cured once and for all so that I can swim for relaxation. May my jaw clenching problem leave me - it causes me such neck stiffness almost each morning on waking and makes it hard to concentrate or be strong in anything. It cramps muscles along my arm and leg and also causes fatigue. It really hinders me. My friend Tony helped so much with it but now he is not communicating with me - I would love him to be in touch and to be open about his life - I would want that
Posted by C P
Communication from Tony
God has granted that his cell phone is on again after switching it off which in the past can mean no more contact - ever - only by the grace of God who help me to find him through other friends. Please pray I can move on in my life today - if it can be helped because Tony does believe that I need him and feels it and is motivated to act on it - then so be it. If it can be helped in other ways - so be it - I need the Holy Spirit more - I am directionless, without guidance - Tony helped me
Posted by B H
My father Roy H heart issues in hos
Pray for my father. He is in the hospital because part of his heart is not working. He is going to have a heart catheterization this morning and a stint if he has a blockage. He will also have to have his heart shocked back in to rythem. Please pray for God to guide the Dr and that my Dad will have complete healing. This I ask in Jesus name! Amen!
Posted by Linda Rae
Healing of Heart & Comfort
Please pray for me as I am having angiogram and stent inserted on Friday. Pray for healing and success but also to help stop my panic attacks from claustrophobia. In Jesus name. Amen
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