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Posted by Ted
Detox/Rehab Loved One
Please pray for a loved one recovering from drug addiction and depression that He find the Lord and salvation. Please pray the hospital does not release him until he is fully recovered from the throes of his addiction. Please pray he has a place to stay, can get a vehicle and a job and this is a new start for him in the Lord. thanks, ted.
Posted by GOD IS GOOD
The dentist
To do what is Right in the sight of God and man amen
Pray for my husband Valentin
He is unemployed & bitter. He thinks everyone is against him & talks about wanting others to pay. I want the decent caring man I married back. The man in my house is not the man I married. Please pray Valentin will find God again and realize how truly fortunate he is. He asked for a divorce but that is not the answer. He needs the Holy Spirit in him.
Posted by Kathryn
Kathryn - Wheelchair & Transport
Please pray that the Lord will help us find a suitable wheelchair for our son Tobias who can only walk short distances due to his tumours.Please pray for the Lord to bless us with a suitable vehicle for our families changing needs. Please pray for the Lord to strengthen my husband & I, it's very hard to watch your child suffer. I'm feeling a bit low today. I have to be strong for my boy & am greatly feeling the need for the Lords comfort & presence. Thank you & may the Lord bless you all richly.
Posted by Nayda T
My boyfriend had hernia surgery and I just started a job we have a 15 month old and we do not have enough money to pay for our electric bill. I've asked the manager at the electric company of he could give us an extension until Friday and he said no we need to pay the past due amount before tomorrow at 3pm. Please pray in the name of Jesus he has a change of heart and gives us the extension to keep our lights on! -AMEN-
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