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Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord please I ask you to let things work out ok for natalie please let her migrains ease up please
Posted by Mary Harris
Energy and strength
Please pray are able to have productive days. Please pray God give energy and strength - please pray that we accomplish all possible. We can set a standard and keep to it each day until it is engrained and an automatic way of life- God empower and give wisdom in unexpected and emergency situations. Please pray that adjustments needed to prevent health problems exercise and diet very little time so need precise plan to do what required to not get sick
Posted by Jason M
Home repair and finance
Lord, we keep looking to Lord to bring financial and total wholeness - Please pray for home repairs pipes, driveway be possible. Lord preserve us&help us find best solution daily. Please shut doors that are hurtful&open doors for good. Please grant a strong financial path so we can give more to tithes for finally for energy&ability group effort needed to complete projects- for order, peace, increased fruit of Spirit self control again financial path in Jesus awesome name Amen
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray for those all over the world living in fear and that the terrorism ends. Amen
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray to keep GMC safe and strong. Amen
Posted by Esther J.
Please pray that my Social Security Widow's Benefits that was due September 2015 that I didn't get will be released to me now in the Name of Jesus. Thank you, Esther
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