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Posted by Tom F
May God Speak to Me
Please pray that I will hear God and know His direction in my life. I am struggling with love and need to understand what God wants in my life.
Posted by Angela M
Family and me
Please pray for me and my family in general. Please pray for freedom from my religious spirit and hypocrisy
Posted by Un Known
Desoerate need of money Prayers
In desperate need of financial blessing now. I am in need of Prayer I will get a miracle and have money come to me now. I am worried about paying bills and buying food. Pray I will be blessed with a miracle of money now. Thank you. In Jesus Name Amen
Posted by Un Known
Prayers cousin calls today off
Please Pray my cousin will call today off, as I am not feeling all that great. The last time we were to go out, I called it off as I was not feeling all that great and she sent me a text telling me she was going to disown me. I need Prayers she will start being nicer to both my Mom and I and she will want to go out places with us. Today I need to rest and take it easy. Amen
Posted by Un Known
Continue close bond with family
Pray my grandchildren will always love and respect both me and my Mom, and they will always come around. Pray they will never tell stories or lies about us, like some do about their grandparents, to please some people who may be jelous of good relationship and bonds the Grandparents have. Pray they will always love me and my Mom their Nana, and Pray both my daughter and son-in-law will be close to my Mom and I and my future husband too. Amen
Posted by Josie Yon
New Job
I am currently unemployed and am praying that I will soon be offered a great new job. Thank you in advance to Our Father who will make this happen for me.
Posted by Finding Pearls
Family Seeking Prayer
Please pray that God protects my family and I, provides for and leads us, heals and delivers us, and gives us His perfect peace. In Jesus Name
Posted by Barbara Balog
Please pray for my son Kevin he has cancer and cant walk
Posted by G S
Praying that our government does not have a shutdown, for healing for my knee/ankle...let the swelling continue to go down along with the blisters that are draining. Please prevent me from getting an infection and let me heal completely.
Posted by Janet Kroner
Healing for Don
Don is an elderly man that is dealing with some neurological issues. these weaken him and just make life difficult, my prayer is for God to just be with him to strengthen him and to heal him. Thank you for your prayers.
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