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Posted by Kris L.
Staying fit and healthy
Thank you, LORD, for the time you allow me to make a work out for today. help me to be consistent in doing this for 7 days. Help me to stay fit and healthy. I pray this in your name JESUS. AMEN
Posted by Iris S
Praise that I am finally starting to feel better & beating my sickness. My Lord, God is always with me & gives me strength. I pray for a continued strength to finally be completely healed. God is good all the time! All the time, God is good.
Posted by Iris S
Pray for loss
Continue prayers for Carlo’s family & friends. May they find peace during this time of grief.
Posted by J L
Please pray for him as he has bronchitis & is feeling really bad. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by Finding Pearls
Elderly Mother's Health Family Need
Please pray that God fully heals mother, gives this family peace and helps us to be able to sufficiently help.
Posted by Kris L.
Praying that I will be hired at Al Mouwasat Hospital as Hemodialysis Nurse. May the employer conduct a special interview for me and accept me. In your name Jesus. I pray. AMEN
Ask God to pour His love, Presence and goodness into me and to meet my emotional and mental needs such as giving me the mind of Christ. God bless you all :)
Posted by georgette
Syria and the world
Pray for leaders of government around the world to think hard before doing acts of violence that are world changing. In Jesus precious name please pray
Posted by georgette
Pray grandchildren have a hedge of protection from all evil both physically and mentally. Pray all my family safe when driving in ice and snow in WIsconsin. In Jesus precious name please pray
Posted by Finding Pearls
Family Seeking God
Please pray that God meets the spiritual, health, medical, financial and security needs of my family and I.
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