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Posted by Bethany R
For My Mom
Please, please pray for my mom. One of her lungs has collapsed but it's still getting full of fluid. There is also a mass next to her lung but they're not sure if it's cancer or something else. She's never smoked a day in her life and was fine until last month. I'm extremely scared. Please, send prayers and good thoughts. Thanks.
Posted by Un Known
J. is mean&Prayers people will c it
Pray everyone in the family will see how mean my dads wife is and Pray they will start to brag about my Mom. Amen
Posted by Un Known
Prayers Mom comes with me
Prayers Mom will come with me when I live with fiancÚ and marry him. Pray we stay here for awhile together. Pray everyone will be nice about it. Amen
Posted by Un Known
Pray dad says NO to dau-in-law
Pray my dads wife will feel guilty for being mean to my Mom and me. Pray she will start to feel used by my brothers wife who she and my dad give a lot of money too. If they do anything for me or my brothers they have a fit especially her. Pray my dad will stop being conned by his Niece and daughter-in-law. Amen
Posted by Un Known
Prayers to be patient
Urgent Prayers I will be patient with my Mom and Pray I will always be a good daughter to my Mom. I am tired and Pray everyone will know my Mom is good to her children too. She is a good Mom. Amen
Posted by J L
Healing & better health
Please pray for the healing of my leg. I fell about two weeks ago. Some improvement with the bruising, but so hard to walk. The pain is not good. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by J L
Little Bit
Please continue praying for him to be well of this cough. Also for Alice to be well of the flu. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by Carol Rolla
Please pray
Prayer warriors please pray for Kinley please pray that Her diagnosis of possible scoliosis is not bad please pray for me my faith in the Lord is just dwindling big time for the last three years we cannot catch a break it's always something please pray
Posted by Carol Rolla
Why the rolla
Lord I have to ask why I really am so angry right now I truly am my faith is really being tested right now Lord of you are out there please help let zoey have a good Dr visit and don't let kinley have any serious issues with her spine and back I am begging you please
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord please
Lord if you are out there please give the Rolla family a break please let 2018 be better but so far it is not please what did we do to have this happen
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