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Posted by Lissy D
Just Me
Please pray that I find a job soon and a place to move to. This is extremely important and time is running out. All prayers are appreciated. Thank you!
Posted by G S
Praying that the govt shutdown is not long...they need to work together for this country and it's people. For continued healing of my knee/ankle...for the swelling to continue to decrease and the itching/rash to subside, and the blistering to go away...for no infection to set in.
Posted by Finding Pearls
Praising Our Awesome God
I thank and praise God for never leaving my family and I nor forsaking us, for helping, leading & forgiving us, blessing and filling us with His Holy Spirit daily. I give all glory, honor and praise to God in Jesus Name. Hallelujah!
Posted by John B.
John B.
Lord they took Gabriella to the hospital as she had fainted two times.They say she has the flu.Lord heal her right now,take this away from her.Lord she is 13 and nredsbyou to heal her.Lord heal her Dad too as he has the flu also.Lord heal the whole family.Marcie and Cristiano have had the flu and are recuperating. Thanks Father for this,by authority of Jesus, amen ,John B
Posted by James Cherry
Pray for me this month for financial money to come thur and place to live with lights/heat
Posted by Wendy C
All bills paid
That God would provide after my job loss
Posted by Wendy C
My son Joel
To continue on a good path & finish his school and turn his life around
Posted by Wendy C
Pray that her art sales would be successful and blessings for her
Posted by Wendy C
Pray that my benefits program would accept another paper because my former employer will not give me paper that I need for my benefits
Posted by H K
I have a friend she is in hospital not doing to good I would like prayer for to get better and come home soon. If it was not for her I think I would be lost. She has done a lot of praying for me.
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