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Sister gladys
Jesus I need eyeglasses all sizes from me a box to me in the philippines.....ask me for my address
Posted by Toni H
URGENT - Prayers for Healing
Father, thank you for the mercy you have shown M and myself. Thank you for letting him come home from the hospital and thank you Father God that his healing is continuing and he will continue to improve. In Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Dianne
Pray Gary treats me better
Pray Gary takes me out 2 dinner tomorrow like he promised. Pray he see how wonderful I am. Pray he feel love 4 me. We r suppose 2 be engaged but youd never know it. Hes cold & unloving & uncaring. I have 2 chase after him. If I didn't get him to take me to the store I would never go out. I live with my Mom. Thank God. He is not in love with me and it is obvious and he is ashamed of me as I am heavy. I think he has someone else. Pray I get answers or my relationship goes better. Amen
Posted by Dianne
Urgent Pray fiance feel bad treat m
Pray God will help me. Im engaged To a man who acts like we aren't together in public. He treats me like a friend. After we had a week apart I came back 2 him, we have been together 3 yrs. but he is worse than he was before we ended it 4 a week in Feb. then we made up. I told him we have a problem but he said I have the problem. Hes cold 2 me & he only cares about himself. Hes selfish 2 me. Yet the other women he was with he gave a lot more 2. Pray he feel guilty & want 2 make things right. Amen
Posted by G S
Praying for my son to have safe travels this weekend, for us to have a safe outing tomorrow and that our truck gives us no problems. For my knee/ankle...continued healing and recovery. For all my family/friends and their needs. For peace in our country and world.
Posted by Jill Ward
My friend, severe sinus problems
My friend B has severe sinus problems. She doesn't have insurance & doesn't have a high paying job. Please pray that she gets all the help she needs whatever it is, and that the sinus condition is finally resolved. Thank you!!!
Posted by Pray for Dianne
Pray Ex can't hurt fam. Or any 1
My Ex Husband is a horrible, dirty old man& his nick name in town. He deserves to be in Jail. Pray he won't get away hurt young girls or woman anymore. Pray 4 my dau&his fam.who r embarrassed by him. His Mom treats him like a Saint. She was even going 2 have me Committed when I was 21 many yrs. Ago to get rid of me, as that is what her Sonny Boy wanted. My Mom saved me & my from him. Keep my gkids & dau, &me & my mom & son-in-law safe from him.Pray he won't get sympathy anymore. Amen
Posted by Pray for Dianne
Pray I win money & be good with $
Pray I will be blessed with money & be better at spending. Pray I can make my Dad's third wife see I know how to handle my $ and so does my wonderful Mom. My Dad and his wife are so nosey with my finances. Pray I can be blessed with money. I don't want nothing from my Dad and his wife as they throw it in your face. They make you be holder to them. The only 1 they r good 2 is her adult well off kids & my bro wife. Pray I can hold my head high. Pray my Dad will be nicer & stay in my life. Amen.
Posted by Christine A
Son to graduate with his class
Son is struggling in 1 class and may not graduate. Pray he passes today's test and passes his class to graduate with his class. That everything he's read is imprinted on his brain and memory. Praying for Gods grace and mercy. He has been accepted into college with football scholarship. May Gods will be done and my son humbly accept the perfect will of God. Hedge of protection surround him to ward off the enemy's schemes and lies. Pray he knows that with Christ he can do all things!
Posted by Calvin Kruse
Please pray for me to to wise in regards to how I spend my money.
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