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Anthony Sirianni
Please pray for God to deliver me from all evil and evil spiritual enemies. Ask Him to bring peace to me and my life so I can handle the trials I may go through
Posted by georgette
Grand daughter
Please pray my 13 year old grand daughter is the kind of teenager God would want her to be. In Jesus precious name please pray
Posted by georgette
Praise God
Thank you God for prayers answered for grandson Wyatt's help with becoming a quick learner. Please pray this continues. In Jesus name please pray
Posted by georgette
Hearing impaired grandson
Pray Wyatt's hearing never gets worse In Jesus precious name please pray
Posted by Un Known
Urgent Prayers 4 bro.find true love
Urgent Prayers for bro who gets used everyday by his wife. She runs him down 2 the ground. She gets money off him. She gets sympathy. She runs so many of us down to the ground. She doesn't work & boozes constantly. Pray my dad will quit making excuses for her over my brother. Pray everyone will get tired of her lies and stop inabling her. Pray she and my brother will go there own ways and he will be free of her. I hope she will do fine, but my bro. deserves some1 2 love him and my Mom & I. Amen
Posted by Un Known
Prayers 4 my wonderful Mom
Pray my Mom will be fine, and everyone will see how smart she is for her age 84. Pray no one will think she has Alzhymers and she is beautiful and wonderful. Pray all her children and grandkids will always love her and show it. Pray she will get better and she will be well to go out and have fun. Pray for a lot of her ailments to be under control with meds.Pray mom will live with me & fiancÚ and have her own space. Pray she wont be alone. Amen
Posted by Un Known
Pray fiance & I feel better
My fiancÚ and I feel good to go out tonight. Amen
Posted by Un Known
Eye appointment go well
Urgent Prayers eye appointment goes well. I had eye surgery in Nov. of last yr. and I have another follow up. I had problems with this eye Doctor, and she yelled at me. My eyes are so sensitive. Pray it will go well. Amen
Posted by G S
Praying for my son, that he remains healthy and is safe, for my knee/ankle's continued healing...each day is better, but a long ways to go, for the weather heading our way to dissipate or divert around us, for protection of our property in this extreme weather, and for those that have to be out in the horrible weather, working and saving others, keep them protected. For peace in our country and world.
Posted by Iris S
Pray for a friend of mine, Chasmath. He is struggling to pay a debt and is extremely anxious because of it.
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