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Posted by Thomas Allen
Dear heavenly father I come to you to ask that I be given guidance and the ability to go on ahead and forgive and accept the mistreatment that I have been receiving from my fiancÚ and her giving excuses as to why it is justified. Lord I know that if you offend someone you apologize and not continue doing so. Lord I am a good man and I am not a perfect man and I have been treating her good for years but now she is not treating me good. Lord I ask that you rectify this in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Jason M
Home and finances
Please pray for energy and ability and the group effort needed to complete projects and for order, peace, and financial path
Posted by JCL M
Please continue to pray for elderly woman who is losing her eyesight and lives alone- Lord keep on strengthening, giving her peace, &enabling her to hold on to him at this time her needs physically, emotionally, every need be met thank you!Also, for success, progress, and strength in helping those in community who are homeless, shut ins, suicidal, in desperate need of salvation, for volunteers and long time workers unity, insight, discernment, and vision
Posted by Donna S
Pray that Josh realizes what he is giving up by staying with Talia just to please his mom and dad. Pray that his relationship will go sour with her. Josh needs to give Mercedes another chance for the baby they have together. Pray that God helps Josh and Mercedes get back together.
Posted by Blessings
Loving Spirit
I had a dream my ex husband was setting at a table crying,God please protect him guide him keep his children safe. The dream was real. I have never dreamed about him. I pray for your protection for his family and grace. We have been divorced over twenty years.
Posted by Blessings
God to show me what is best for me. Direct my steps show me the way. Is this venture in my best interest.
My brother Christopher - for healing and cure of depression and nasty temper outburst (causes maybe emotional, chemical imbalancement, genes, or hormones )please pray for his deliverance , many thanks
Mum val
Mum val - for good health in mind body and soul, healing , protection
Rebecca- Good mental , emotional and psychological health, lots of healing, love
Hope and breakthrough
Pray to God that I can be signed off psyciactric treatment some day in the future , I find it very abusive and intrusive, although drs have best at heart I find they can pick at faults very easily and you end up worse sometimes, I am trying so hard to move on with my life but they keep pulling me back , I need my life back, please pray I don't need it now
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