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Pray for my Mom to be loved
In Jesus Name Pray my Mom will start to feel better again and she will be blessed and loved by everyone in the family including In-Laws and future In Laws. Amen
Posted by J.T.
For all on this chain today, be blessed!!
Posted by Daisy Mae
Family love & family forgivness
My Mom trys to ask Bryan about his future but you aren't allowed to say too much pray Bryan will let him Grandmother know my Mom and fiancÚ and I and his Grandpa are very good to him. She has always been a trouble maker. Pray every1 will see Sue never appreciated my mom. Pray she will apologize to my Mom one day and she will try to help Bryan more than she does. Pray for this family to get back together. Pray for the love we all had because of my Mom Amen
Posted by Daisy Mae
Bryan needs help Please Pray 4 him
My great Nephew is living with his grandmother who is my brothers Ex wife, and she may be good to him. She is doing him no favors by not making him get a job or go back to school. He is 19 and has a bad attitude about finding his way. Pray for him to find his way. He needs help professionaly and she is not doing anything to help him. Pray for Bryan to either live with his dad again or get on his feet and get his own pl. Pray some1 show him the way, Pray his Grandpa feel he can say more. Amen
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord Thank you
Lord please forgive me of my sins Lord I am so beyond thank for all blessing in my life
Albert Grant MacKinnon
Please pray for my son he is in such need of financial help right now. I am living 900 miles away and on retirement benefits so I am unable to help with only a little. He is in need of a job so I am asking for prayer. Thanks to all the help.
Posted by Janet S
Unfair divorce from unbeliever
Please pray my magistrate sees through my ex husband of 35 years lies and awards me and my two autistic sons our house so we are not homeless. After 35 years of faithful by me, he found his soul mate on Facebook and abandoned us. He is lying and manipulating in court. No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
Posted by Finding Pearls
Only The Lord Can Help Please Pray
Please pray that God fully sustains my family and I in all our needs and that He leads, helps, protects, favors and provides for us in all things. In Jesus Name.
Posted by Jannie C
Need help
Please join me in praying for my young friend Drew, who is finding his early teenage years so hard to navigate. He is a sweet, sweet boy.
Posted by G S
Protect, please Lord, from these damages or heavy rains. For our sink to clear and for my computer to last until I can afford another drive.
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