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Posted by John B.
John B.
Lord help the man that delivers food for Thai restaurant as he has a problem with his hands and they hurt.Lord heal his hands.Lord he burned his hands days ago.Lord he needs you.Lord I never saw him till today andI noticed his hands today as he had them in plastic gloves.Lord thanks for doing this,by authority of Jesus,amen.,John B.
Posted by Steve L
My son
He got a jury summons and ignored it, then moved out of state. They sent a second notice. Please pray my son will respond to the text I sent him with the information to contact the court clerk. I don't want to see him getting in trouble. He is wearing me out by not taking care of business. In Jesus name. Ty.
Posted by Mjmaks
Bless my children
D, R, A. Keep them safe, happy, healthy and free from any evil, sin, harm, illness or temptation that might ever try to come their way. Wrap them in your white light and Holy Spirit. Please bless my children every single day of their lives. Amen.
Posted by Mjmaks
Please guide my career. Light my path. Let your will be done. Let my human eyes be able to see, recognize and do your will Lord God. Show me the way.
Posted by Mjmaks
Please God- help us financially to get out of debt and make all our ends meet while somehow making more money for our family. Please help me pray for a miracle!
Posted by Mjmaks
Please help me pray for motivation, confidence and determination along with an iron clad will power to be able to lose weight
Posted by Jane S
Overcome problems
Please pray for a person whose health is failing and its taking a toll on them + Please pray for young persons dealing with difficult and painful circumstances -- learn to challenge negative feelings anger and sadness learn to replace faulty thought with constructive -- also kept from bad influences
Posted by Steve L
Need a break through
I am attempting to learn a new software system at work. My brain is not as young as it used to be. It's been a few weeks and I am getting discouraged. Father, I ask for wisdom. In Christ's name. Ty
Posted by Calvin Kruse
Bad habit
Please pray for me to overcome a certain bad habit of mine.
Posted by Toni Haddad
Urgent Prayers for Healing
Father, scared and alone with M in the ER. Scared. Father, hear my prayer.
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