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Posted by G S
Praying for my son's toe to heal well...had surgery on Tuesday. Also for his job search...that he find a good company with good pay/benefits...and it would be nice for it to be close, but we can deal with that! For the safety of our homes/roofs/trees in the rains/storms heading our way for the next few days. Thank you and God Bless!
Posted by Pamela D.
Prayer that the father of my child do not move out of state and we will be able to take care of our son together
Posted by Do whats Right
Please Jesus Save the one
Who just does not know amen
Posted by Do whats Right
Why are people such liars?
Of course no one can lie to God and get away with it no wonder many are so sick. Sadly many are being punished for all the evil that they do. Selfish evil lives these live these care less about others and refuse to believe they have played a huge part in harming even the Children too amen in Jesus amen
Posted by Dorothy A
Prayer for Dennis H.
Please pray for the well being of Dennis H. and his wife. Ask that they will thrive and prosper, and that they will enjoy many more happy and productive years. They are a wonderful couple who in the past have been afflicted with health challenges. Thanks!
Posted by Finding Pearls
Medical Issues Employment Please Pr
Please that God sends mercy,and compassion to my employer as I have chest pains and incoherency due to heart trouble and diabetes. Please pray that God continues to provide. Thank-you
Posted by Do whats Right
I have discovered that
Some want their wives sick so they can continue to control them without too much trouble. It is so sad. There are also wives that do that to their husbands as well. Why Father do are we humans so wicked ? Please Save Heal and Deliver all who Truly want Your Ways and not their own amen in Jesus amen
Posted by Mjmaks
Have mercy
Please Jesus! Please let us find out the news we have been waiting and waiting for today! Please I beg of you. I can't handle this stress. Please hear my prayers!
Posted by Finding Pearls
Need Prayer Please Pray
Please pray that God forgives me for my shortcomings, fills me with HIs Holy Ghost and Strength, provides for and protects me, gives me peace, guides me, and delivers me from evil and blesses me this day and always. Amen
Posted by Brenda Mcneill
I pray that my daughters boyfriend looses his hold on her heart and she forgives me and comes home.She left because we have had arguments where I have said some terrible things I just want her home so we can fix this and heal I am afraid he has a very strong influence over her at this time please God intervene and fill her heart with forgiveness and have her come home
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