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Posted by Miss Dianne
Pray bro. finds out His Ex&Sons lie
Pray my bro b told his Ex Wife lied 2 him, yrs. ago, by his sons, about Mom & I, that lead him 2 stop talking 2 my Mom & Me 4 15 yrs. Pray he will c he was wrong 2 end a close relationship. She always said 2 neighbours she wanted 2 break up my Moms happy fam. Pray his Ex Wife will go through the same thing with her sons & their wives, she put my Mom & I through. The lies ruined our reps. My bros Ex caused Mom a lot of pain". I even caught this woman in bed with my bros friend when I was 15. Amen
Posted by Miss Dianne
Pray my bro.will stop beliving lies
My bro believes such liars. For a man with a high IQ he is dumb when it comes to the lies his former wife & this wife have told him about my Mom & Me. Pray he will finally c the lies he was told about my Mom, he will finally believe we aren't bad 2 them, as he was convinced. Pray my brother will finally also know my daughter did not hit the men in the growin when she was a 5 another lie his Ex Wife told. He belives what he wants to. Pray he will be close 2 Mom & I & be nice & appreciate us. Amen
Posted by Wendy
Please pray he would get a free lawyer For his hearing on monday and would be granted Asylum and could come home
Posted by Wendy
Healing for my throat and for my fatigue
Posted by J L
Please pray for my sister to have better health & strength in her body. She is so weak. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by J C
Prayers for VJC
Prayers for my bother that his health improves after heart surgery. Amen
Posted by J C
Please pray for LK
Please pray LK becomes a good and decent father. Amen
Posted by J C
Please pray for j&m
Please pray for my friends going through tough times. Amen
Posted by J C
Please pray for GC
Please pray GC remains strong and happy and passes his tests
Posted by J C
Please pray for job
Please pray I get a job. Amen
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