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Posted by Mickie Darin
Paul Arsenault
I need my prayer warriors !! This is an update on my brother, Paul who is having open heart surgery tomorrow due to a complication from a heart procedure done last month ! I feel so fragile for my brother and the outcome ! I need to give this to the Lord as I have no control 💔
Posted by Rose M
He injured his back. Pray that God will heal him quickly. God bless.
Posted by G S
Lord, praying that our vehicle passes is our only vehicle and we cannot afford any repairs. Please let us pass.
Posted by Margarita .
I have a very impossible situation going on in my life but all of the sudden today I feel relieved and deep inside me I know my situation will work out. Is God speaking to me?
Posted by Nancy A
Please stand with me in prayer
I call the things that be not as though they were. I declare courage over my husband to speak to me about coming home. I bind and loose anything that is hindering him or blocking him from coming home or speaking coming home in Jesus name. I bind all shame ,unforgiveness , anger, bitterness and resentment and loose those spirits back to where they came from. I declare the love of Jesus penetrates his mind. soul and spirit in Jesus name. I declare breakthrough in marriage restoration in Jesus name
Posted by Debbie
Family healing
Please pray for: Paul, Patty their girls: Vivian, Sarah and Timothy & me (Debbie). We will be traveling to the UK soon. Suddenly Patty has serious health issues. Timothy has an injured hand & Paul is struggling with an addiction. Patty is not a Christian, not sure if Paul is. Please pray for healing & for a special God experience. If Paul & Patty are willing, I will ask for healing at a chaple. Holy Spirit please move in us, protect & heal us. Thank you! DE
Posted by Marlene Woods
Chris woods
Please lift my husband Chris woods up in prayer. He stop attending church. Please pray for him to have faith in Jesus love. amen hallelujah.
Holy Happyness:)KMMJly Psalm91 :)
Holy Psalm24 Revelations 5:5HolyJOhn17 Holy Revalation19:16 I dont feel the best Holy HappynessKathryn MIller and family and firends Holy lambs book Holy Christian time moving in HolyJesusname holy Amen
Posted by G S
Prayers for my son, that we are able to get our light fixed and our vehicle pass inspection with no problems...cannot afford a lot of repairs! For all those that are sick and have problems within our family and friend circle...the list seems to grow each day! Peace in our country and world.
Posted by Un Known
Pray fiance has change of heart
Pray my cheap fiancÚ will have a change of heart and help me with my credit card. He has a lot of money and can help me. He is cheap. Pray he will help me out more than he does. He was so good to his other women. I need Prayers Gary will have a change of heart. I promise I wont ask for much more if he helps me this time I know he gave me a little bit earlier but he has eaten for free off my Mom and I for 2 yrs. now he is helping a little, but he is lucky to have me. Amen
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