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Posted by G S
Moving forward
Please pray I move forward each day become better mom, wife, friend, student, volunteer. that God grant me a closer and closer walk with him that I am granted a open doors and courage adequacy to serve many lives with His Love and Mercy.
Posted by Ted Tomko
Financial Needs
Please pray the young man I loaned money to today is able to repay me in the morning and that the Lord provide for everyone this week and always. thanks, ted.
Posted by Jane S
Brother in Law get better
Please pray for brother -in- law very sick and not getting better please pray for healing thanks closer to Lord also
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord today is not so good feeling a little anxious and over whelmed please Lord I ask for calm today please I beg you please help this should be a happy time for us with Jesus Birthday please Lord send healing
Posted by James Cherry
Pray for me concerning protection and deliverance from death-satanic assignments towards my life/ministry.
Posted by Karen Richards
For Karen-suffering from vertigo. That the Lord will heal her from this dizziness & she be well to go & visit family for Christmas.
Posted by Wendy
My son Joel
I need alot of prayer for my son Joel. He has been breaking curfew and the cops Keep calling me in the am hours to get him. It is really difficult right now.pray he would Be close to God and change his ways.
Posted by Cy F
I want to wish all my prayer warriors, MERRY CHRISTMAS. I am leaving today, to spend the holidays with my daughter. Please remember her and my grandson in prayer. And take the time to thank the good Lord for sending his son ,and what his son has done for us...
Posted by Patti Howard
Pray bros be nice 2 Mom&I
Pray both my brothers also be nice and treat us good. Pray my brother F. will one day admit to my Mom it was his Ex wifes fault for when he stopped talking to my mom for 15 yrs, Pray he will be warmer and treat my Mom with kindness. Mom is getting more sensitive the older she gets and he must remember she has feelings too. Amen
Posted by Patti Howard
J. only com 4 Christmas if she nice
In Jesus Name Pray Dad & his wife wont come for Christmas if my dads wife will upset my Mom. My Mom is being real sweet by letting them stay over night. My dads wife has said some rude things to me and getting me to cry. We had forgiven her, but she had to write an insulting letter not too long ago, thinking she is superier over us. Pray she will be nice & my Mom & I will enjoy both hers and my dads visit and everyone will get along and it will be a wonderful Christmas to remember. Amen
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