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Posted by Dianne Unknown
Pray Gary is fine & be home 2 me
In Jesus Name Pray Gary my boyfriend is fine. I havent heard a word from him, and he usually comes to my door at 6 p.m. He hasnt answered his cell either. Pray he will be in touch soon. Pray he will let me know from now on if he is late cause of work or traffic. Amen
Posted by Ted Tomko
Road/Utility Crews
Please plray for all the workers out trying to help everyone with power, water issues and for those without that service is restored as soon as safely possible. Please pray we do not lose our utilities in the cold and snow this week. thanks, ted
Parents in hiding
Even Grandparents if they are still alive. Where there is breath there is Hope for True Repentance. Father Please watch over the Children as they look for Love in all the wrong places. Please Father bring them unto your Bosom for the Keeping of their Souls in YOUR LOVE amen In Jesus amen
Spiritual Success Soul Success
For the Body of Christ especially the Children more than any physical success in Jesus Holy Name amen
When control freaks get out
Of control and run a muck. These claim to Love God but bear only rotten sinful hateful fruit. Please God show them who you really are and your Power of Justice and Love amen in Jesus amen
For a Kind Christian Woman
That is being abused and neglected by her Husband. he pays the bill and thinks that and only that is Love. May God show Him how wrong he is in Jesus Holy Name May God Grant that he Love and never abuse Gods Love for Him, His Love for Himself or His Wife ever again amen
Posted by Iris S
To help me be patient and to find understanding and comfort during these times. & Also help to mend a friendship.
What if you are out of control?
Would God put you out of order B? I sure hope so before someone gets really hurt due to your disrespect for God yourself and others amen
Posted by Jacob Mackinnon
My name is Jacob Mackinnon, in the last few months things have been tough, and i've been diagnosed with drug induced psychosis. God has given me many chances on staying drug free but I have now ended up in a child and adolescent mental health unit. I just ask that you keep me in your prayers and that God will restore me to my first love I had for him. I ask that you guys pray that the holy spirit will work in me as it used to before I got myself into drugs. Side note im now on Olanzapine
Posted by J.T.
A Brother
He needs touched by God's hand in every way. Please pray. Thank you all!!
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