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Posted by Jaclynn S
Tooth ache prayers please
I have a tooth ache and I called to day to get in but he can't see me till Thursday morning, having a very hard time sleeping. Will you please say a prayer for my tooth to feel better and I will get some sleep. Thank you for the prayers
Posted by Miss Dianne
Pray I wont let som people upset me
My daughter's half brother and sister have never met me, or my Mom, but they are very resentful towards us, especially with me. They have no reason to be. It is time my daughter allows these people to know how much she loves me and her Gramma. Pray they will be ashamed for their child behavior, and my daughter will see them for their nonsense. Pray I wont let them upset me anymore. Pray I will be strong and know God loves me and my Mom. Amen
Posted by Carol Rolla
For Leanne
Please help send prayers for a good report for Leanne when she goes to the MS doctors tomorrow Please Help Lord please hear my prayers
Posted by Cal
Usually, I feel that if I can't have Petra, I don't want to have anyone. So please pray for her to be saved and for me to see her again soon.
Posted by M
Lord, please hear my prayer.
Lord, please keep the evil away from Lou and I and let our love for one another flourish with your protection. Keep our love strong for each other and let no one or evil get in our way. Lord, please help everyone on this prayer chain by touching their hearts and giving them what they need and want in their lives with your blessing. Lord please hear our prayers.
Posted by Jan Chilton
For tobias
7years old. Removed from parents. His grandfather my son and myself trying to get him in our custody. Only God can help before to late. We can't lose our precious boy
Posted by Wendy
Pray that my family would learn to love and have compassion.pray my Mother would care about me and her Grandkids
Posted by Jacquie
Please Pray for Help!
Please pray for help! Im in need of help to buy food for my family, Daily needs and to pay my car insurance. I dont know where it will come from I need urgent help! I also have a big job interview on Thursday, please pray I get it! I have waited so long to find work. Im ready to give up! In Jesus name I pray- Amen
Posted by Wendy
Lord help me...please take the pain away And send my husband home.please restore My home and finances and bring my children joy
Posted by Toni H
Please do not let our pleas fall on deaf ears. We feel so alone. The results of the labs are in and they don't look good. Looks like dialysis is going to be iminent. Father, I beg you to please hear our prayers and watch over us during this time. I pray for all on this site and ask that you do the same for us. Amen.
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