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Posted by *CC *
Mercy for mother w/small children
Please pray for young woman who is expecting a baby has a young boy with extreme behavior problems and unhealthy toxic relationships that are hurtful to her Lord bring mentor and trustworthy people into her life. Also, please pray Lords mercy for her life and she can make solid steps toward healing and developing a healthy life for her children's sake and for the sake of her baby. Please God have mercy on her please blood of Jesus over her and others who have similar circumstances
Posted by Anonymous
Please pray for me. Ive having so many difficulties. I have mild diastolic dysfunction, thyroid, and am trying to add a new thyroid medication. I have so much anxiety, Im almost nonfunctional. Its so hard with the holidays. Appreciate your prayers.
Posted by JCL M
Need favor at work -able to have nerves and any trace of fear disappear able to find nitch and be a part of things at work -fit in
Posted by ~Mae ~~
And Jesus said to him, If You can? All things are possible to him who believes. 24 Immediately the boys father cried out and said, I do believe; help my unbelief. Mark9:23-24 "But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh".Gal5:16 Father Thank You You understand us perfectly- Please grant that we walk in Spirit & lay hold of the level of belief we have to have -Thank You for Your Word, Promises, and Hope each moment, day, of our life in Jesus Love Amen
Posted by G S
Prayers for a good, successful day for my son. Let him find the answers to the project that he is working on, safe travels to and from work and good day with his Dad. Let my husband's temper be under control today and that they get along.
Posted by Blossom C
Daughter safe in travel
Please pray for daughters safety in travel working 3rd shift she be wide awake and safe in travel ty. Also please pray for son safety and for the Lords guidance and favor for their lives
Posted by Kathy A
Get better
Pray that I get better soon, so I can have my family over for Christmas, if it is God's will. Thank you all.
Posted by Nancy A
Need prayer warriors to battle
Pray for heavy conviction of the holy spirit on my husband if he is still talking and seeing other women. Pray for Godly laborers to speak to him and that he has ears to hear. pray he gets wisdom and understanding and knowledge. I speak breakthrough in the restoration of my marriage and protection over my marriage in Jesus name. I send warring angels to protect and block these other women from my husband in Jesus name. Let my husbands spiritual eyes be fully opened in Jesus name.
Posted by Finding Pearls
God's Protection Blessings & Provis
Please pray that Jesus and the Holy Spirit fill my family and I with His Protection, Guidance, Help, Blessings, Deliverance, Peace, Healing & Provision. In Jesus Name.
Posted by G S
Please let my husband's temper settle down...everything seems to set him off...let he and our son see eye to eye on some things...let the tensions settle down here in our household.
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