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Posted by J L
Please pray for our family concerning the disappearance of Benjamin. Especially his mother. He went missing in Dec. We have heard nothing. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by Blue Bird
Urgent Prayer for Gary
Garys going throgh a financial battle with an Ex gfriend. She has a talent living with men and makeing them pay her money. Pray Gary doesnt have to pay her anymore, money. Pray his Lawyer is good and compedent. I am worried about his health. He has had many seizures and sleep walks over this. I need Urgent Prayers everything will work in Gary my fiances favor. Pray for him and his health and he wont have to pay her anymore as he paid her already thousands of dollars. Amen
Posted by Nancy Roberts
My family situation
Please pray for my niece and her family. She and her husband have been making very unwise financial choices impacting negatively upon my disabled sister, her grandchildren and myself. Please pray that he gets a job and pays my sister the rent he promised so that she doesn't lose the house.Please pray that the burden of stress and anxiety be lifted from all of us, so that everyone will work together for the common good. Pray that they not foolishly book a trip when the money is needed elsewhere.
Posted by Michael M
Job Perspects
The company I am contracting at made me an offer 30% lower than my rate. I turned them down, I am looking for fair market rate based on experience. Please pray that I wind up working in a position where Jesus would have me be. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you Jesus.
Posted by Ted
Truck Repairs
I am still having stalling problems with my truck...we think it may be an unclean set of sensors that need cleaned out...please pray the parts store will do that for me and please pray this fixes the problems once and for all. thanks, ted.
Posted by Ted
Financial Matter
Please pray my son received the money I left for him last night. thanks, grateful dad, ted.
Posted by Do whats Right
Please God
Up until now I dont know if I have been suffering Rightly or Wrongly in a certain situation. More than likely both so Please show Me Father how to Beareth all things.—The full thought of the original here is that love silently endures whatever it has to suffer IN JESUS amen Romans 8:1-2 Life in the Spirit There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord please let zoeys kidneys be ok and please no liver issues
Posted by Carol Rolla
Lord please I ask you please let Natalie feel better please don't let anything be the matter that is serious please
Posted by Jul B
Please pray that kerry will choose the right car and not be ripped off. Thankyou Jesus.
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