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Posted by Jacquie
Please Pray!
Please Pray, I find work soon and have enough money to pay my bills. In Jesus name I pray-amen
Posted by God is Love
Unsaved Fathers
May they get Truly Saved by the Blood of Jesus ~ May they begin to do Good unto God, themselves, their wives and their families through the Precious Blood of Jesus amen
Posted by God is Love
Many evil and arrogant people
Are not fighting you or me. No! They fight every singe day with GOD ~ That's why they have so much hate in them. sooner or later God will cut them down to size amen in Jesus amen ~ I myself Hope that it is sooner ~ They have tried to make slaves out us for a long time now. amen in Jesus ~ God sees and He Cares ~ Trust Jesus to Hold on to YOU and you hold onto Him also. He is the Greatest Love amen
Posted by M
Lord, please hear my prayer.
Lord please help keep evil people and evil spirit away from Lou and I. I know they want to break up our love for each other. Touch Lou's heart with kindness & love and keep our love strong for one another within your heart. Please help everyone on this prayer chain with their needs & wants and touch them with your love. Lord please hear our prayers.
Posted by Sam L
Huge thank you
Many thanks to u sweet Jeasus, first time in 4 years my legs are pain free. Now if my other prayers are met, I wouldnt know what to do with myself. Please take care of my prayer requests I told friends I would do for them, you know who they are and what their needs are. Thank you again.
Posted by Karen D
Bless my relationship
Please dear Lord send blessings on my relationship with EM. Let there be love respect admiration and fun with family.
Posted by Angela S
Unborn child
God, author of all life we pray, bless this unborn child; give constant protection and grant a healthy birth that is the sign of our rebirth one day into the eternal rejoicing of heaven. Pray for Shayna & Blues unborn child that this baby be born healthy and bring much joy to the two of them. Pray that Shayna stops bleeding to avoid miscarriage and bring forth a healthy baby who will become a true child of God. I thank you Father for protection over this unborn child.In Jesus name Amen.
Posted by F H
Please be in prayer for all the decisions I have to make in the next couple of weeks. Prayer for my sister who is staying with my parents to try to help. Her health hasnt been great and her son treats her badly. My daughter whos job stresses her sometimes even though she is good at it. And for my church. We are decreasing in number and could have desisions to make there also.
Posted by J.T.
Please pray for good news concerning her test results and that there is nothing seriously wrong with her. thank you for your help, prayer warriors!!!!
Posted by God is Love
Thank you Jesus
For Honest folks who serve others in this country with the Gifts of their practices whatever they might be doctors, lawyers mechanics housewives teachers etc. who Love and Obey Jesus to be recognized as Those that can be Trusted in Jesus Name We Pray amen
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