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Tony sirianni
Ask God to heal and protect my body
Posted by G S
Praying for my son, my health, several family members with health issues, family friend who just came home from the hospital, those in Italy and MS that are dealing with natural disasters, and that the rains/storms predicted for here tomorrow are not severe. For our country and world.
Posted by Michael M
My Friends Dad Died
Please pray for my friend; her dad passed away today after a rather long stay in hospice. Their family needs comfort during their time of bereavement. Pray for them to receive this, in our Lord Jesus. Amen.
Posted by Dianne Unknown
Pray brother will get better
Pray my brother wont be too ill he is not feeling well he has a cold and it going into his chest. Pray he wont get worse. Amen
Posted by Dianne Unknown
Pray Mom has a speedy recovery
Urgent Pray for my Mom who is in a lot of pain. She had a pacemaker replacement, and I want her better now. God please help her. She is so special to me and my family. I have a wonderful Mom please let everyone see how special she is. Take the pain from her and my Mom have a good recovery. Amen
Posted by Finding Pearls
Pray For My Sister Please
Please pray that God helps, blesses, fills with His Spirit, protects and Leads my sister and her family in this time of uncertainty. Thank-you
Posted by Dianne Unknown
Pray family love
Pray my family will be very close and there will be no more trouble making in our family. Pray the in laws will love my mom and I and everyone else. Pray for the unity of my family.Pray my brothers wife will love my Mom and I and she will call my Mom and be very sweet and she will want to do the family thing, and not just when my dad and his wife come over, and Pray she wont flirt with my fiancÚ. Amen
Posted by Dianne Unknown
Pray brother wife dont make trouble
Pray my brothers wife doesn't make trouble for me in the family. I forgot to tell her my cousins are coming over and she usually doesn't do the family thing anyways. Pray everything will be alright. Pray I wont look foolish. Amen
Posted by Calvin Kruse
Weight loss
Please pray for me to lose weight.
Posted by J.T.
Bless all on this chain
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