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Posted by Un Known
Urgent Prayers fiance appreciate me
Pray my fiancÚ will be different he thinks of himself. He is so selfish. He needs to appreciate my Mom and Me and my family more than he does. He doesn't appreciate me at all. Pray he stops being so negative and starts being a lot more fun and kinder to me. Pray he will quit being so cheap with me. Amen
Posted by Maria Miller
Holy Psalm91 KathrynMIller&F&F&HBE
Holy Psalm 91 Holy Psalm 24 Holy Revelations 19:16 Kathryn miller&F&F& HBE Holy Unspoken Requests and Holy HorseSmarts God's Loving will and ideas in Holy Jesusname Holy Amen
Holy Psalm91 KathrynMIller&F&F&HBE
Holy Psalm91 Holy Reevelations19:16KathrynMillersafety from evil Peoplei did not know and know I have known are evil and are at church buildings and safety from evil all together and evilcharities in Holy Jesus name Holy amen
Please pray for God to anoint me with Holy fire and with His Presence. God bless!!!
Posted by Debbie
Urgent need 4 Paul & Patty
Pray to save this marriage from divorce & to help Paul. Patty is meeting with her husband Paul today very soon to discuss divorce. She has been pushing for this divorce for 2 months & wants to keep the majority of the money. Paul wants to stay married to Patty. They have two children. Please pray that The Lord Jesus intervenes, for changed hearts, reconciliation & to shield Paul, Patty, Vivian & Sarah from evil. Thank you! DE
Posted by Angelo K
Save this marriage from divorce
I need prayer that The Lord Jesus intervenes and keeps this marriage from going into divorce. Please pray for reconciliation as I know God can heal and renew anything. He resurrected Lazarus from the grave! As this also involves 3 kids please pray for that as well. My wife wants to divorce and we are both Christian.
Posted by Finding Pearls
Thanking & Praising Our Amazing God
I thank and praise God for helping my elderly mother, family and I through all daily needs and concerns. I thank and praise God for His mercies and filling us with His Holy Presence. I thank and praise God for protecting, providing for, healing, leading, favoring and protecting us. I thank and praise God for all that He is doing, has done and will do. In Jesus Name. Bless The Name Of The Lord! Hallelujah!
Posted by Jane S
Serving effectively
Please pray granted to be a blessing and comfort to those serve. Please pray Lord enable to have forbearance with difficult people and reach them with what they need in regard to truth and God's Love --please Lord let me not miss what You would have me do to help
Posted by Kris L.
Praying for my brother John Michael Laserna that he will be able to find a job with higher salary, benefits and good working condition.Praying that he will find a good position in his new job. all these I pray in JESUS name. AMEN
Posted by ~
Please pray for good transportation to get to and from work safe travel also - and prayers for all praying site who have this need as well--thanks
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