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Sons health
Prayer for my sons health happiness and peace
Good health
Good psycological mental emotional spiritual health physical
Sound mind
Prayer for sound mind functioning well memory and concentraction etc etc
Great deliverence in mind body soul spirit from all evil
Posted by -Sam -
Stamina, strength, and grit
Please pray Lord grant joy and favor plus ability to have stamina, determination, and grit to make it through stress and negativity. Please pray Lord grant opportunity to encourage,help, inspire others Lord please infuse with positivity and Agape to measure to share with all in life. Prayers for all requests posted
Posted by EMMY P
God grant favor in class & in working with all clients and group work all aspects, tasks, carried out, assessment guided by Lord strong rapport and successful interventions, and able to get the hours required for class and on site discernment, trainers supervisor see strengths and potential and help develop and be in sink and work well together empowerment to carry out position with assertiveness, poise, and empathy- so able to care for those who are wounded giving God all credit
Sister gladys
Jesus I need : tooth brushes and reading eyeglasses from walmart sizes 1.50 - 4.00 email me for my address in the me a box.............Jesus I need : cebuano language new testaments from the philippines bible call the order in for me...for the poor people
Posted by Kathy A
Don't know how to handle situation
My cousin and I aren't getting along. We are very different people. She doesn't have hardly anybody in her life. Only child, parents are gone, never married, only one friend. I want to stay friendly with her. We just had a disagreement and exchanged not nice emails. Jesus, please show me the right thing to do. Thank you.
Singing and contracts to be kept safe and especially work with rs so people / enemy cant negatively interfere and ruin things had so much negativity /jelousy
Great deliverence in mind body soul spirit from all evil
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