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Posted by M T
Please pray right now for my beloved kitty, Sweet Buddy! Last night he was hit by a car and managed to survive, but is badly injured and has been hospitalized since last night and will be undergoing surgery. He has a broken jaw and front legs at least. I was covered in his blood last night. Please pray he survives AND that we can come up with the funds for surgery, as it's a terrible time financially, but he is family! God bless you for praying for him!
Posted by Toni H
Father, for M, that his treatments kick in and start working the way they are supposed to. The doctor promised he would be able to reclaim his life until he gets his kidney, but it isn't working that way. I know that you are the ultimate expert and can turn this situation around. Thank for healing and for improving this situation. In Jesus name. By his stripes we are healed. Pray for us warriors as I pray for you. Amen.
Posted by GOD IS JUST
does not accept God for who He is
My husband wants to go to heaven his way but not through Jesus. He thinks about Jesus but that all he does. He only seeks God when in trouble or afraid. He want to use God not Love God. Please pray for his soul. In Jesus amen
Brother george
Email me for a free, salvation prayer..... I want to get people saved and ready for heaven.
Brother george
Jesus please heal my left side of my stomage, in Jesus name amen.
Posted by Peggy R
Pray please
Debbie had a stroke and is paralyzed. Sarah is 9 weeks pregnant, the baby has no heartbeat and is not growing. For some reason her body isn't passing the baby, pray she has no problems
Posted by J.T.
For all on this chain today to be blessed in all holy ways. Amen.
Posted by J L
Please pray for me & my home & property. Storm damage. Also lawn mower needs repair. Can't afford anymore repairs. Thanks for praying in Jesus name.
Posted by Sandi
Help us
Precious Father I am so truly sorry that I'm not as close to you as I should be, I have failed you & for that I am sorry beyond words. I do try but an not worthy of your love. Thank you that you understand this & love me still. My heart & mind is breaking with worry for Luke. Please Loving Father help him with his alcohol addiction it's becoming more & more severe. He so wants to stop but is so scared please fill him with your Holy Spirit & give him the peace he so desperately seeks Amen
Posted by Sandi
Urgent prayers for Luke
Please I am desperately needing your prayers. My son is an alcoholic, when sober he's such a loving caring person but when he's had a drink he becomes verbally aggressive & says the most hurtful things to me then feels so guilty. This causes me so much pain. We only have each other as most family deceased. I am in my 60's & have to work nights & im terrified he'll loose his temper or his life. I'm finding it difficult to pray at the moment, so please do this for me thank you my friends
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