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Posted by J.T.
Asking for prayers that we get news from the doctor that there is no cancer!!!!! A clean bill of health! Prayers for the doctors and a safe trip as well. Thank you all for praying. GLORY TO GOD!!! AMEN!!!
Posted by Karen D
Healing and relationship with em
Dear Lord please send a blessing to my health. Heal my throat and head. Please send a blessing to my and em Relationship. Amen
Posted by J C
Please pray for Mary Ann
Please pray for MaryAnn after the tragic loss of her husband.
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray I see Brody again. Please pray that Jennifer is a good mom to the boys. Please pray MZl sees her GC. Please pray Luke becomes a good father. Please pray for my friends and family. Please pray me brother johns health improves.
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray I get a job this week.
Posted by J C
Please pray
Please pray for Greg and that his shoulder heals. Please keep him healthy and happy. Please help Sasha get over his broken heart and disappointment
Posted by J C
Please pray for Brendan
Please pray for Brendan Tevlin and his family. Brendan was killed on his way home from a friends house.
Posted by Joann C
Please pray for me and my family. Thank you in advance and I will pray for you in return.
Posted by Cal
Usually, I feel that if I can't have Petra, I don't want to have anyone. So please pray for her to be saved and for me to see her again soon.
St dymphna
St dymphna please pray for us suffering mental illness and emotional problems (rebecca , val,rosie ,jack Christopher, brian, roy ,lorren, samantha, paul,elca
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