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Posted by Lisa G
My son
Please pray for my son to be happy again and to be treated fairly. Please let his friends see how they are hurting him. Or, please send new, better friends into his life. Please Lord, bring back his smile. Thank you for praying.
That he prospers and enjoys good health even as his soul prospers
Vals cure
Val age 52- for healing of hardening of arteries in brain, that there be perfect blood supply , that the blood will be free of clots and fatty deposits/colestral. also Lord protect her from stroke and deliver val from attacks on the brain
Cure of mental illness and deliverance from it
Our prayerlife
For our prayerlife to be perfect in every way and cannot be hurt , harmed or destroyed by any person or spirit, for prayers to be heard and answered according to Gods will and in Gods timing. on earth as in heaven (thanks so much for praying
Long lasting financial prosperity
Rebecca- for long lasting financial wealth and an abundance of money , to beable to save to buy a house of my own and have my own business. thankyou Lord
Rebecca and family -for lasting financial prosperity wealth and abundance
Posted by Karen D
Husbands heart
Dear Lord please change and soften my husbands heart. Have him trust and fully forgive me. Help me to walk in your ways and send me peace. Amen
Posted by Marian P
Sales and a new career
I pray that my boyfriend successfully sells two cars later today. He's one of the kindest persons I've ever known and I pray with all of my heart that today will be the start of a new career for him - one which he'll be extremely happy and satisfied with. I pray that with Your grace and guidance he'll be able to find his calling, his passion in life, and the best way to be Your servant. Thank You Lord for all the blessings! Please help me stay humble, generous, and faithful. We love you God!
Posted by JCL M
IRS troubles
Please pray for RM wellbeing he is in financial crisis pray is able to sell a house real soon. Please pray that he is able to get trouble (caused by accountant) with IRS resolved
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