“Few would dispute that Jabberwocky is the greatest of all nonsense poems in English.”

— Martin Gardner, The Annotated Alice

Charles Lewis Dodgeson Jabberwocky has long been hailed as the King of all the neologistic poems. It was written by Lewis Carroll (right) in 1871 as part of his work Through The Looking Glass. In the story, Alice falls asleep and climbs through the Looking Glass where she finds many interesting and ridiculous characters. Sir John Tenniel She finds the first verse of Jabberwocky in backwards format and holds it up to the mirror to read it correctly. Thus is discovered one of literatures most fanciful and meaningless poems, that yet manages to retain its rich imagery. The poem was illustrated by Sir John Tenniel (left) by two illustrations. You will find one on Opening Page and the other, which depicts the mome raths and mimsy borogoves at brillig, is not currently available.

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